Teen Wolf Review: “117” (Season 4, Episode 2)



In what may have been the most astounding moment in the entire episode, Peter looked like he was going to try to teach Kate a way to anchor her transition. This would have been a huge victory for the good guys, since it would have meant she could avoid killing innocent bystanders, but it also may have turned out to be problematic later on when she chose to channel her anger at Peter against him.

Peter may have also surprised fans with his strange, but seemingly instant, connection with Malia (Shelley Hennig). Viewers already know that they are actually father and daughter, but this fact still escapes at least one of these characters. Lydia (Holland Roden) revealed the name of his daughter to Peter as part of a deal to help Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) when he was taken over by the nogitsune. Although he asked Malia a rather pointed question about her eyes, he doesn’t make any overt comments of recognition when they are first introduced. Malia’s tenacity for being direct, however, gives the conversation a most entertaining edge.

While the characters are running around trying to figure out the repercussions of Derek reliving his teenage years, and fans cross their fingers hoping for the return of Tyler Hoechlin, there wasn’t really a lot happening on this episode. As a reward, Teen Wolf didn’t keep anyone waiting very long for the return of the more familiar form of Derek. Before the end of “117” whatever hold Kate had over him had been released, and the title of the episode was explained.

The Hale family legacy was presumably cut short when most of the family perished in the fire set by Kate years ago, but somehow a secret vault containing their most important assets was kept completely safe. It seems a bit of a stretch, especially when we see that it is under the high school, but what comes as more of a shock is just how much money the family had hidden away.

It makes sense that Derek and Peter had some source of income that they’ve been living off of, despite never actually holding a job, but it’s doubtful that the insurance company paid out 117 million dollars for arson. However, that’s a mystery for another day. The more pressing issue is who was manipulating Kate in order to steal this lavish sum of money, and how did they know it even existed.

Teen Wolf  has a lot of filling in the blanks to do. Let us know who you think has it in for the Hales (besides Kate), and why, in the comment section below!

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