Teen Wolf Review: “Galvanize” (Season 3, Episode 15)


Even though time kept going in the real world, it seems to have stalled on Teen Wolf. Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack are just now gearing up for some pre-Halloween mischief while the rest of us (at least in my area of the country) are bracing ourselves for another night of excessive snow fall. Luckily for us, Teen Wolf kept the temperature on high on tonight’s episode as they attempted to Galvanize the nonbelievers.

What better way to celebrate this haunted evening (for a second time) then by introducing a mentally unstable inmate to the mix. Normally the bad guys on Teen Wolf are limited to those of a more supernatural persuasion, but it appears that this shrapnel loving psychopath may have been supernaturally persuaded at the very least. Glowing eyes, sound familiar to anyone else?

Besides the carved pumpkin predominately featured at the beginning of the episode and several mentions of mischief night/Devil’s night (it was actually renamed Angel’s night where I grew up), there wasn’t anything intrinsically Halloween-like about this week’s episode, which was a bit disappointing. However, given that it’s actually January in the real world, I don’t think anyone watching was getting too hung up over those details. Still, it was nice to get some bearing on the time frame since the lengthy hiatus kind of threw off any semblance of time that was established in the first half of the season – although, despite airing in the summer, the characters never actually appear to be on summer vacation at the same time we are.

This might also mean that Derek (Tyler Hoechilin) hasn’t been gone nearly as long as we thought. If you think about it, the new school year started right around the same time as season three. The story arc centering around Deucalian (Gideon Emery) and Ms. Blake (Haley Webb) only lasted for approximately one, maybe two, full moons. That only leaves a few weeks unaccounted for. And, considering the amount of screen time Derek’s currently getting, it’s almost like he never left town.

As comforting as that thought is, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I still hope Derek finds the answers he’s looking for sooner rather than later. I have a feeling Scott is going to need some help answering some questions of his own after what he just saw. Plus, it’s almost time for Peter (Ian Bohen) to start acting more like his predictable self and causing trouble for everyone. Arguably, it’s probably better that it happens close to home where Derek has some back-up.

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