Teen Wolf Review: “Motel California” (Season 3, Episode 6)


Teen Wolf

There was only one thing happening back in Beacon Hills on this episode of Teen Wolf, and that “thing” is definitely something to take note of. We spent the last episode pretending to believe that Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was dead and now, not only do we have confirmation that he’s alive and well, but we get to see him let someone else take care of him for a change. I’m happy to see that Derek has found someone outside of his circle to care about, but as much as I supported this relationship-in-the-making from the start, it’s progression from not-to-hot in no time flat has me thrown for a loop.

We have Derek – who is almost completely immobilized from his fall during the fight with the Alpha-pack, oozing an unusual shade of blood, sporting some nasty open wounds,and generally shrouded in red flags – somehow manage to be suave enough to end up in bed with Miss Blake (Haley Webb). First of all, let’s talk about the gross factor. Derek, despite his broody good looks, literally has black liquid coming out of his gnarly Wolverine-like scratches. Besides that, there’s absolutely no build-up. They’ve spoken a solid two times before this, and both occasions involved minimal dialogue. this hook-up seemed particularly forced. Why should I be invested in this blossoming romance when they don’t even know why they should?

The whole thing was rushed and unnecessary. When Scott had similar problems healing, it was for a specific reason – the guilt of thinking he was responsible for Derek’s “death.” If there was a legitimate explanation for why getting it on with the English teacher was crucial to the healing process, it might have made more sense. Yet, Derek healed without any apparent mental mending needed. If he didn’t share the same symptoms as Scott, why wasn’t he healing in the first place? Whatever the reason, he better figure it out fast because Deucalion (Gideon Emery) has set him up in a pretty big way and he’s going to need all his strength.

Theory Time:

The suicides at the hotel seem to be related to the recent rise in human sacrifices in the greater Beacon Hills area starting with the Argent who was bitten by Deucalion himself. Deucalion was also involved in Scott’s first hallucination. Presuming that the three predicted deaths were part of whatever ritual is underway, and Deucalion played a role in them, whoever is committing these murders is probably also aligned with him in some way.

My money is on Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson). She has a connection to Deucalion, an extensive knowledge of the supernatural, and knew the last victim – Mr. Harris (Adam Fristoe) – who knew his murderer, on a personal level.

What are your theories on whose behind the Teen Wolf murders? Do you think they’re related to the arrival of the Alpha-pack or is that just a coincidence?  And, what do you think of how fast Derek and his new lady love are moving?  Will she turn out to be just a distraction or the motivation Derek needs to step up his game? Let us know in the comment section below!

Until next episode.

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