Teen Wolf Review: “Orphaned” (Season 4, Episode 6)


Teen Wolf made a big deal about Scott’s (Tyler Posey) relationship with his father in season three, but this season there hasn’t been much head way in that department. This episode turned its attention briefly back to that arena to show in what capacity his involvement in the family structure could benefit Scott’s current situation, or more aptly, his mother’s. It’s been a while since the difficulties associated with Melissa being a single mother, mostly on the financial front, have been included in the narrative, but it’s definitely a convenient excuse for Scott’s father to become a more involved member of the family.

Another convenient occurrence is Scott coming into a significant amount of cash. Talk about good timing. Garrett (Mason Dye) may have had a short run of it on Teen Wolf, but his legacy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His legacy being the enormous bag of cash he had stashed in his locker. Viewers already knew him and Violet (Samantha Logan) were cashing in on the deadpool hits, but since they’re no longer around to spend the riches, it seems only fitting that Scott should recycle it within his own household. Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) is trying desperately to hold it together, but she seems like she’s about to crack. As if finding out your son is a werewolf wasn’t hard enough, she’s been privy to a reality far beyond that over the last couple of seasons.

Discovering the orphans were the culprits for several of the recent murders only lent itself to more questions. It also led to another face off with Kate’s (Jill Wagner) groupies – the berserkers. The abnormally large and seemingly indestructible menace to society types have already proven they are not to be messed with when Scott encountered them in “117,” but just in case viewers had any qualms about that being a one-hit-wonder situation, let this episode serve as the ultimate reminder.

When Scott goes to intersect the transport carrying Violet, under duress, he comes face to face with them once again, and they make short work of everyone in the vicinity. Luckily, the only fatality is Garrett (and later on Violet), and Scott, his father, and the sheriff escape with treatable (albeit painful) ailments. Naturally this situation triggers Argent’s (JR Bourne) spidey-senses, and he shows up at the ready. We haven’t seen what the visit from the Calaveras hunters will do to his future plans, but he appears intent on ending Kate’s life if necessary – and helping his werewolf pals in the meantime.