Teen Wolf Review: “The Benefactor” (Season 4, Episode 4)


Kira (Arden Cho) takes on a new persona on this episode of Teen Wolf and taps into her ‘vixen’ side – or at least tries to. We’ve seen her wield a sword like a natural born samurai, but we’ve seen very little of her feminine wiles. With the brief exception of her girl-on-girl dancing in Mexico, Kira is a little awkward when it comes to embracing her sensuality.

MTV tends to keep the racy material to a minimum within the confines of this series, and not let it overshadow the storyline. However, Kira becoming more comfortable with herself not only makes for entertaining television (e.g. watching her face plant while attempting to walk down the stairs in an enticing manner), but it is moving her relationship with Scott forward. Obviously them being a couple is the end result the writers are working toward since Allison’s (Crystal Reed) character was killed off at the end of last season.

Not that watching Kira and Scott make moves on each other wasn’t fun for everyone, but the more impressive interaction on this episode of Teen Wolf happened between Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig), who bonded over her full-moon experience. Their relationship is still in the early stages and has a fair share of baggage attached, but there was something very intimate about Stiles standing by his girlfriend even when it may have been hazardous to his health. He took a chance, and it paid off.

As the sole teenage character who doesn’t possess some form of supernatural ability, it’s always nice to see Stiles contributing in other ways. Helping Malia control her transformation helps everyone, including himself. He’s always willing to put himself on the line, even when it’s evident that he is fearful, which wasn’t the case tonight. And frankly, it’s a refreshing take on the hero tale. It’s also a nice distraction from all the chaos that was forming around them.

There’s a new hunter in town, and she’s a freshman? That’s right. And she’s sporting some fancy neckwear that doubles as a convenient method for killing werewolves. Judging by the Tex-Mex style, I’d say that it’s a safe bet that she’s either a member of the Calaveras clan, or at the very least comes from the same region. Perhaps the threat hanging in the air followed Scott across the border in the form of an underage assassin. Although, it appears that they are in league with the benefactor.

What does the benefactor have against the Hale family, and more specifically, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin)? Well, it looks like it’s nothing personal. Derek is just another name on the deadpool (not like the comic book character) list that someone is hoping to cross off, for good.

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