Teen Wolf Season Finale Review: “Smoke & Mirrors” (Season 4, Episode 12)


This season hasn’t exactly been the kindest to Derek. He started off the season reliving his teenage existence (which probably isn’t something he would have done given the choice). Since then, he has regained his more mature look, but lost his supernatural powers. A gift that would probably have come in handy on this episode when he was facing a “mortal wound.” Luckily for him (and swarms of frantic fans), his natural abilities kicked in just before it was too late.

The same can be said for Kira (Arden Cho), who has teetered the line between useful and borderline weak all season long. On tonight’s episode, Kira found herself in what seemed like a no-win scenario as she became delusional after a losing battle with Scott the berserker. In this touching scene with her “mother” coaching her through the pain, Kira took a necessary step toward her kitsune inheritance, gaining the ability to heal rapidly from injuries. This is the first time since early on in season three that we’ve seen Kira exhibit any new skill, and it was refreshing to watch her take care of herself for a change.

I’d like to say that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) or Lydia (Holland Roden) did something exceptional to contribute to the group on this episode, but despite a brilliant effort, they really didn’t do much per se. However, they continue to be two characters that make the show worth watching. They both gave amazing performances throughout the season, and it’ll be most interesting I’m sure to see where their own stories lead next season.

Teen Wolf pulled out all the stops tonight, leaving fans with more of a happy ending than the writers have been gracious enough to dole out in recent memory. Yes, there were a couple of minor cliffhangers: (What’s going to happen to Peter? Will Malia (Shelley Hennig) find out who her mother really is? Will Argent (JR Bourne) catch up with Kate?) – but overall there was a feeling of finality. And, as a bonus, no major deaths.

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