Lucasfilm Might Already Have A New Actor In Mind For Young Han Solo


All the signs are pointing to Lucasfilm continuing the world of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Disney Plus. It might not be financially lucrative for them to produce a sequel, but the #MakeSolo2Happen fan campaign shows that there’s still a thirst for more out there. The only hitch with moving forward with new projects picking up the pieces of the 2018 spinoff film though is young Han Solo himself, Alden Ehrenreich.

We Got This Covered has heard that the studio isn’t too keen to bring him back as Han for further efforts, though they do still want to explore the smuggler in his early years. The solution may be that they end up recasting the part, then. And according to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Aladdin 2 was happening way back in the summer, and that Transformers was being rebooted last year, both of which we now know to be true – they already have someone in mind for who could replace Ehrenreich should they choose to head in that direction.

Apparently, Lucasfilm is eyeing Dylan O’Brien or Dylan O’Brien-type actors, if they can’t get him, to potentially step in as young Han Solo. Those with long memories might recall that the star, most known for Teen Wolf, Percy Jackson and The Maze Runner, was talked about back in the day as being a hot contender for the role alongside other would-be Solos like Ansel Engort and Taron Egerton. So, it makes sense that Lucasfilm might go back to him.

Of course, the search for the lead of Solo was thought to be one of the biggest Hollywood casting calls ever, with it estimated that 2,500 actors were seen for the part of young Han. Ehrenreich won out against the competition, but if Lucasfilm did want to replace him now, it certainly wouldn’t be hard to find someone else to take over. Be it O’Brien, or another actor entirely.

Once again, though, we want to stress that the studio hasn’t made any firm decisions just yet. For all we know, they could give Ehrenreich another shot at the part. But from what we’re hearing, it does indeed sound like there’s a decent chance that we may soon see a third Han Solo.