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That ‘The Rings of Power’ intro was not CGI, Amazon confirms

Amazon Prime Video has revealed that the 'Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' intro was produced with practical effects.

While yesterday’s Lord of the Rings teaser trailer didn’t show off anything significant about the upcoming TV series besides the title, The Rings of Power, Amazon has proven that they’re willing to cough up the big bucks for their new high fantasy adaptation. They opted for a practical shooting of that introductory clip when they could’ve easily used computer-generated imagery to get the job done, though admittedly not as well.

In a new behind-the-scenes video released by IGN, which you can see above, the crew of Amazon Studios reveals how they used practical means to design that first logo or title card for the series. The molten metal outlines The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power while an overhead camera films the entire sequence from close-up. What ultimately ties the teaser together, though, is the Ring Verse recitation by a woman who we presume must be Galadriel, more than 20 years after Cate Blanchett’s version uttered the same words in Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring.

As reported earlier, The Rings of Power will involve many stories from the Second Age of Middle-Earth, namely how Sauron rose to power, created the titular rings, and caused the fall of Númenor, the greatest kingdom of men the world of Arda had ever seen.

How this narrative unfolds over the course of a commissioned five-season show is up to fan speculation for now, but as we inch closer to the Sep. 2 release date and the marketing machine kicks into gear, we’ll no doubt learn more about this ambitious $465 million venture.

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