The 100 Review: “The Calm” (Season 1, Episode 11)


The situation on Earth isn’t considerably better. Whereas in space they’re facing death from lack of oxygen, on the ground the 100 are facing dying in a far more painful manner. The grounders have continued to stay at a distance after the bridge explosion, but that doesn’t mean they’re leaving well enough alone. Lucky for them, there’s enough in-fighting going on at camp that between the short-lived plague and teenage bravado at its best (i.e. the clever ‘grounder pounder’ comment), there might not be enough space imports left to warrant a fight. Of course, that won’t be the case, but with tension running high the 100 are dangerously close to imploding at this point.

Surprisingly, Bellamy (Bob Morley) remained unbearably calm through it all. Even at the news that Clarke (Eliza Taylor) was captured he kept his emotions to a minimum. On one hand this really speaks a lot about the positive influence she’s had on him, and the other hand, well, fans probably wanted to use it to punch him in his face for being so heartless – especially after what happened with Raven (Lindsey Morgan). As soon as Bellamy comes out of shock, which hopefully that’s all that was, he’s going to do what he does best. Bellamy is going to save Clarke. Right?

Finn (Thomas McDonell) might not be so lucky, though. The last time we saw him in the episode, he was being led to his death after Clarke failed to save a young grounder girl (honestly, she didn’t look that young compared to 17-year old Clarke, but we’ll go with it since everyone else did) from wounds inflicted by the bridge blast. If you were disappointed that her medical expertise finally met its match, you weren’t alone.

Life or death situations have run amok on season one of The 100, and Clarke has been instrumental in avoiding some of the more serious ones. The grounders were smart to consider her a candidate for the recently vacated healer position, but they clearly underestimated her. Even if she did wind up hanging upside down from a tree, Bellamy may need to amend her ‘princess’ title; ‘warrior princess’ seems a little more appropriate after what fans witnessed her do to her captor.

This episode of The 100 left a lot of things hanging in the air, both literally and figuratively. With only two episodes left, the writers could take us anywhere. They’ve already set fans up for a heart-pounding penultimate episode next week, and we haven’t even met the Mountain Men yet.

Let us know if you think The 100 is saving them for next season, and all your other theories on the show, in the comment section below!