The 10 best ‘Monster High’ characters, ranked

Image via Nickelodeon

The creation of the Monster High franchise took the world by storm, gaining the interest of several children and teenagers all over the globe. Monster High is an American fashion doll franchise that was launched in 2010 and features characters inspired by popular monsters, folklore, and myths. 

What started out as a toy line has grown into a large franchise that encompasses several movies, a TV series, video games, young adult novels, and a web series. A live-action musical was also released on Oct. 6, 2022, and a sequel will begin filming in January, 2023. Monster High also has two spin-off toy lines: Ever After High and Enchantimals, which have also expanded into franchises that cover books and animated programs. 

Here are the best Monster High characters, across the entire franchise, ranked from worst to best.

10. Melody Carver

Image via Little, Brown and Company

Melody Carver is a book-only character and a co-protagonist of the book series. She is a bird-like sea nymph who has a mesmerizing singing voice. She is the daughter of Marina, the sea siren. She started out as a shy and reserved character, but grew out of it after discovering she was a Regular Attribute Dodger (RAD). For most of her life, she believed she was human and had been bullied because of her asthma, but her discovery gives her a much needed confidence boost, and she remains a loyal friend who would go to great lengths to protect and defend her friends.

9. Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra is a ghost from the 19th century and is the reporter for Monster High, as well as an editor for the school’s blog. Not much is known about Spectra’s parents and her past is mostly shrouded in mystery.  Formerly shy and reclusive, Spectra grows to be more outgoing and less secretive over time. She is one of the franchise’s most controversial characters because of her tabloid-journalism style, but she is a highly intelligent and kind character who helps those in need.

8. Twyla Boogeyman

Twyla is a freshman at Monster High and the daughter of the legendary BoogeyMan. Twyla is known for her shy personality and shadow-blending abilities, and she dislikes being the center of attention, often using her powers to escape in situations that are overwhelming to her. Twyla is a level-headed and selfless character who removes the nightmares her father put in children’s dreams.

7. Howleen Wolf

Howleen is a werewolf and the sister of Clawdeen Wolf. She is the youngest of four siblings and is known to be a staple troublemaker with an inferiority complex when it comes to her siblings. Although she and Clawdeen have butted heads many times, and they have their moments when they don’t get along, she still looks up to her fashionable and confident big sister. Howleen may be self-centered and impulsive sometimes, but she is also an avid poet with a sweet side, and is welcoming to all, regardless of their social ranking.

6. Abbey Bominable

Abbey is the daughter of the Yeti, better known as the Abominable Snowman. Being a foreign student, she had a hard time adjusting to the new environment and culture, but has since surrounded herself with friends that help in any situation. She is known to be headstrong, resilient, intimidating, and confident due to her upbringing in the Himalayan culture.

5. Lagoona Blue

Lagoona is the daughter of a sea monster and an ocean nymph. She is from the Great Scarrier Reef and has the ability to communicate with water animals. Lagoona is the captain of the swim team and is passionate about the sport. She is also extremely charming and sweet, with an outgoing personality and the ability to make friends with any and everyone. Although she is kind, patient, and considerate, she does not let anyone walk over her.

4. Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein is one of the central characters in the doll collection, and the accompanying animated stories. She is the daughter of Monster High’s take on the classic monster Frankenstein and his bride, and just like her father, Frankie’s body is made up of different parts stitched together. She has an absolute love for science experiments and sewing, and is known to be sweet and kind, albeit a little bit clumsy and naïve. Due to her personality, she often looks at the bright side of things, using her optimism to adopt a “glass half-full” mentality, and her sunny disposition has made her a fan-favorite in the entire franchise. 

3. Draculaura

Draculaura is a vampire and the adoptive daughter of Dracula. She was born human but was turned after a deadly plague made her gravely ill. Unlike her nature as a vampire, Draculaura is a vegetarian who faints at the very sight of blood. After growing up accustomed to a life of luxury in Dracula’s castle, Draculaura has little tolerance for discomfort and inconvenience. She is known to be highly considerate of others and has grown to be self-sufficient, often going out of her way to ensure that those around her  feel comfortable and welcome.

2. Cleo De Nile

Cleo is an Egyptian mummy and princess whose roots link her back to the time of Ancient Egypt. She is the daughter of Ramses and is recognizable for sporting elaborate burial wrapping. Cleo is crowned the reigning queen of Monster High and is the captain of the “fearleading” squad. She is sometimes viewed as being arrogant or entitled, but due to her royal bloodline and powerful position, Cleo has a higher sense of self-worth and often commands respect from those around her. Once she makes a friend, she is fiercely loyal and protective of them no matter what.

1. Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen is the fashion-loving daughter of a werewolf. Although she has a bit of a temper sometimes, she is usually outgoing and sweet, and can even control her temper when properly soothed. She is known to be resourceful, ambitious, and a go-to for fashion advice, and despite still being a student, Clawdeen is already a popular name in the fashion world. She is a fierce character who is very protective of her family and friends.