‘The Boys’ fans think Antony Starr is just too damn good as Homelander

the boys homelander
via Prime Video

For those who can stomach the gore, depravity, and the overarching unhinged mentality baked into the majority of the scenes, it’s very easy to understand why The Boys has found so much success; its writing and social commentary are some of the best around, and the performances put on by the cast enrapture at every turn.

But perhaps the far-and-away the best portrayal of any character in the show has to go to Antony Starr as Homelander, who chillingly captures the ticking time bomb of an emotionally-disturbed lunatic with the powers of a god, from the postal look in his eyes right down to the way his jawline twitches as he tries not to slaughter everyone in a mile’s radius.

Indeed, Starr has been frightening as Homelander from the very beginning, and though that may be old news, perhaps the recent release of the show’s third season has reminded us all just how much Homelander makes our hearts pound with fear. In any case, Twitter has had nothing but praise for Starr’s return to the role.

And, as always, fans weren’t lost on the way his mere presence made them fear for the lives of the show’s other characters.

Others went as far as to express their concerns about the mental state of Starr himself, referencing just how convincing of a performance he gives as the show’s antagonist.

However he manages to pull it off, Starr is certainly the show’s number one scene-stealer, evidenced by the sheer amount of bullets that have been sweated by viewers whenever he’s on the screen.

Season three of The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes release every Friday.