The campaign to save ‘Warrior Nun’ evolves as fans choose their preferred candidate

Image via Netflix

Forget lions, tigers, crocodiles, and killer whales; the uncontested apex predator of planet Earth is no doubt the folks behind Netflix’s renewals team, who have been responsible for the extinction of many beloved shows in 2022 alone. And while some of these plugs, such as First Kill, Resident Evil, and Blockbuster, were probably pulled for the best, others like The Midnight Gospel and The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself threw the streamer’s decision-making abilities into irredeemable question.

But no cancelation has whipped up quite as big a stink as that of Warrior Nun, the 2020 fantasy drama series that recently received the axe after capturing the hearts of audiences for two seasons. As such, the campaign to bring Warrior Nun back for a third season is one of palpable, if trivial, traction.

Nevertheless, fans of Warrior Nun are determined to see more of Ava Silva’s biblical plight, and have nominated a champion to deliver them from Ava’s now-forced absence.

Indeed, the masses of Twitter have called upon Apple TV Plus to pick up Warrior Nun for future seasons, and, admittedly, it may be a genuinely smart move for the streamer; it’s already on the rise as one of the more competitive platforms in the market outside of the big three, and picking up Warrior Nun would no doubt attract a legion of grateful new subscribers.

It looks like Warrior Nun stans won’t rest until they’ve gotten their way, even if that means decimating anything that stands in their way, including Twitter’s bandwidth.

Warrior Nun follows the journey of Ava Silva, a resurrected young woman who finds she has been recruited to the Order of the Cruciform Sword, and now has to fight demons in order to protect Earth. All the while, she finds herself in the middle of a tug-and-war between heaven and hell, each of whom want Ava’s powers for their own.

Warrior Nun is available to stream on Netflix, but if all goes according to plan for its fanbase, that won’t be the case for much longer.