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‘The Crown’ season 5 trailer is here to remind you that England is a very normal country

"Let's be honest. The 90s is the season we have all been waiting for."

On Netflix, The Crown has served as a reminder to viewers how weird it would be to have the equivalent of the Kardashians being in the heights of power in a country, and now, the trailer for the show’s next season is here to delve into the Windsors’ dark 1990’s.

The service put a trailer for the latest installment of the piece about the United Kingdom’s most infamous family on its official YouTube channel earlier today. It begins with scenes depicting the 1992 Windsor Castle fire, which led to the late Queen Elizabeth II paying income taxes for the first time in her life, segues into public figures questioning whether the family damages the nation’s reputation, and touches on the tensions between Prince Charles and Diana which ultimately led to their divorce and many scandals.

At one point, Diana as played by Elizabeth Debicki worries she will never be understood and could never function in the system.

“I never stood a chance.”

A press release from Netflix says other aspects the coming season will touch on include the collapse of the Soviet Union, the transfer of sovereignty in Hong Kong, and at one point in the footage, Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir is depicted. Fans are excited for the piece, and, in the trailer’s comments, one Will Richardson says, if we can be truthful, this is the big moment.

“Let’s be honest. The 90s is the season we have all been waiting for…”

The next season of The Crown airs Nov. 9 on Netflix. The Royals are reportedly not fans of the show and recent claims have been made that they work to block filming of it whenever they can and will deny the use of certain locations whenever it is possible.

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