Netflix’s Fantastic Four Come Together In All-New Promo Image For The Defenders


The superhero forces of Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen set aside old differences in this beautiful new promo image for The Defenders, Marvel and Netflix’s team-up series that’s set to arrive in August.

If you’ve been keeping pace with the studio’s small-screen offerings, you’ll know that that fantastic foursome is made up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the kid with the Iron Fist. That mantle belongs to Danny Rand (Finn Jones) who became the fourth and final member of The Defenders back in March.

Truth be told, and particularly when compared to those other three series, Iron Fist was arguably the weakest addition to Marvel’s small-screen universe in that pacing issues and drab, clichéd storytelling scuppered a promising origin story for Danny Rand. A second season is reportedly on the cards, but until we have official confirmation of Danny’s next solo gig, The Defenders offers a chance for Finn Jones’ street-level hero to win over the naysayers. And thanks to Empire, today brings forth another look at all four heroes suited, booted, and ready to bring peace back to New York City – or die trying.

With little over a month to go until release, Marvel will likely use San Diego Comic-Con to launch one final teaser and/or trailer for The Defenders to drum up excitement. Until such a time as when we have the latest reel of footage for you to pour over, this stylish group pic ought to sate your appetite for new content.

The battle for New York begins when all eight episodes of The Defenders become available to stream on August 18th. Marvel and Netflix’s ensemble series will presumably be followed in quick succession (November, perhaps?) by The Punisher, before new seasons of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones debut in 2018.

Source: Empire

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