The Exorcist: Horror Comes Home In Eerie First Trailer For Fox’s TV Reboot


Widely considered to be one of, if not the scariest films ever released, Fox is poised to pump fresh blood into a genre classic with its TV reboot of The Exorcist. And with all eyes in the industry directed at San Diego Comic-Con, the network has now conjured the show’s twisted, bloodcurdling first trailer.

After finding success through Netflix’s Sense8, Alfonso Herrera will be the one confronting pure evil as Father Tomas Ortega. Held up as the “new face of the Catholic Church,” Ortega is considered a progressive, ambitious and compassionate soul, but he’s about to go up a force not from this world. There’s also a nod to the famous scene of Linda Blair’s belligerent young girl included in the trailer above.

Whether or not you condone the practice of lending old properties the serialized treatment, repackaging Hollywood feature films and dragging them onto the small screen continues to be all the rage, and this fall season alone will herald the premiere of Lethal Weapon, Frequency and NBC’s planned Taken prequel series. When it comes to The Exorcist, though, Alfonso Herrera will be rubbing shoulders with Giu Carol, Geena Davis, Brianne Howey and Hannah Kasulka.

Fox will unleash The Exorcist in all of its dark, putrid glory before the year’s end. But for now, you can peek between your fingers at the blood-red new poster, below.