New Falcon And The Winter Soldier Set Photo Teases A Post-Blip MCU


When Marvel boss Kevin Feige said Avengers: Endgame would have far-reaching implications on the wider MCU, he wasn’t kidding.

Fast forward to December of 2019, and with Marvel Studios on the brink of Phase 4, a slew of big-name TV shows have been locked in for Disney+. Among them is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, a six-episode miniseries in which the titular duo must learn to cope in a world without Steve Rogers as Captain America.

Those of you who have seen Endgame by now will know that Steve’s final act involved the passing of the torch – or shield, to be specific – as Sam Wilson took on the mantle of Captain America for a new generation. It’s a role which actor Anthony Mackie is tremendously excited about (as well he should be!), and we now have confirmation via Twitter (h/t MCU Direct) that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will address another tenet of Avengers: Endgame: The Blip.

See for yourself via the set photo below:

Whereas The Snap refers to the exact moment when Thanos wiped out 50 percent of all life in the universe, the so-called Blip signals the moment when those same characters returned from beyond the veil. We have Bruce Banner (AKA Professor Hulk) to thank for the latter, who wielded Tony Stark’s hand-crafted Nano Gaunlet in order to bring everyone back… without changing anything from the past five years. Hey, time travel can be confusing even at the best of times!

And The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? It’s unclear exactly how the Disney+ series will explore The Blip, but we imagine it has something to do with assimilating any victim of The Snap back into reality, which is quite the feat considering the five years that lapsed between Infinity War and the events of Endgame.

All will be revealed when Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes team up – reluctantly, we might add – late next year.