Watch: The White Wolf Returns In The Witcher Season 2 Trailer

It’s been nearly two years since The Witcher premiered to high praise on Netflix, and we now finally have our first look at season 2 of the fantasy show hot off the presses and straight out of WitcherCon.

The first ever WitcherCon was full of exciting announcements about the series as well as the game franchise, but the trailer was the show’s big kicker. As one might expect, it has a heavy focus on Geralt and Ciri, two of the show’s main characters. Season 1 left off with Geralt finally reaching Siri and embracing the girl in the woods. “So, I’m your destiny?” Ciri says at the beginning, to which Geralt answers “You’re much more than that, Cirilla.”

The first season took an interesting approach to the storytelling of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, jumping back and forth between different eras in the timeline of the plot. Many viewers complained about this, saying that it was confusing at times. Season 2 looks to be following a much more straightforward approach.

The trailer ends with the reveal that Yennefer is indeed still alive after basically fire-bombing Nilfgaardian soldiers at Sodden Hill in the final episode of season 1. The powerful sorceress is looking a little rough, though, so her storyline will almost certainly be one to follow in the new incarnation of the show.

The wait for season two has been long, especially after COVID forced shooting delays last year. But the Netflix series is sure to expand on the first season with even more monsters, magic, sexiness, and a lot more of Henry Cavill’s astoundingly straight jawline than fans can handle.

Season two of The Witcher premieres on Netflix in its entirety at the end of this year on December 17.