‘The Flash’ fans are loving leveled-up Barry in season 8 premiere

the flash season 8

The Flash returned for its eighth (yes, eighth) season this Tuesday for “Armageddon, Part 1”, the opening chapter in a new crossover event that’ll take place across the first five weeks of the season. As well as seeing the Scarlet Speedster team up with old pal Ray Palmer (Legends of Tomorrow‘s Brandon Routh), the premiere also featured a “leveled-up” Barry Allen. And fans can’t get enough of the newly souped-up superhero.

It’s been a running criticism for years now that the Central City savior isn’t as powerful as he should be, often failing to use the full range of his incredible speedster powers just for plot convenience. But it seems The Flash producers have finally woken up to this and have decided to fix the issue in season eight. “Armageddon, Part 1” revealed that Barry is now more confident and in more control of his speed than ever.

Like when he was able to take out the whole Royal Flush Gang in seconds.

This also meant that Barry was much more independent than usual and relied less on his teammates to tell him what to do.

He actually beat someone in a fight, guys!

Have we accidentally tuned in to the wrong show?

He’s being the Flash he was always meant to be.

The premiere did not disappoint.

Fingers crossed Barry’s going to stay this way all season.

We got our first hint at this new Barry in the season 7 finale when the speedster was finally able to best his nemesis Reverse-Flash in a fight with ease. But though he’s more powerful than ever, his troubles aren’t over. “Armageddon” sees Barry faced with a prophecy that he’s going to bring about the apocalypse in the future. And worse, new alien villain Despero is trying to kill him to save the planet.

The Flash season 8 continues with “Armageddon, Part 2” next Tuesday on The CW.