The Flash Fans Are Seriously Creeped Out By Rag Doll


Yesterday, The Flash reached its fifth episode of season 5, “All Doll’d Up,” which saw Team Flash go up against their most nightmarish foe yet in the form of Rag Doll (America’s Got Talent‘s Troy James), a criminal with super-powered contortion abilities who robbed folks while wearing a chilling mask.

Typically, the metahumans-of-the-week don’t make much of an impression, as they’re just a temporary obstacle for our heroes, but this time Rag Doll really made an impact on fans watching at home. Many just couldn’t deal with how eerie he was, from his weird mask to the cracking sound effects used when he contorted his body. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that a lot of Flash fans didn’t sleep much last night.

Some actually thought Rad Doll reminded them of Billy, the creepy ventriloquist doll employed by Jigsaw in the Saw movies.

He might have stopped us from sleeping, but you have to hand it to The Flash, as he’s hands-down one of the creepiest villains we’ve ever seen in the whole wide Arrowverse. Maybe even the creepiest.

Alternatively, Rag Doll might just be the finest villain The Flash has ever had, according to one fan.

Rag Doll might have frightened viewers, but in terms of being a threat, he’s nothing compared to season 5’s big bad Cicada. In typical Flash fashion, the show’s keeping its cards close to its chest regarding the villain at this stage, but we’ve already had a few things revealed to us over the past few weeks.

For one, we know that the power-sucking baddie got his powers from one of the fallen satellites that crashed into Central City in the season 4 finale, gifting him with a dagger that could hoover up other metas’ powers to fuel his own life force. Actor Chris Klein has also hinted that Cicada might be more than human.

What that means is still unclear, but we’ll surely find out in time, as The Flash season 5 continues every Tuesday on The CW.