The Flash Season 4 Will Experience A Time Jump As The Team Gains New Leadership


This weekend, it’ll be an absolute certainty that we’ll learn much more about what the fourth season of The Flash has in store for us, but in the meantime, several juicy details have surfaced via TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special that just hit newsstands.

Aside from imbuing us with the knowledge that Jessica Camacho will return as Gypsy in a recurring role, the very same tome also informs us that a bit of a time jump will be experienced when we join the S.T.A.R. Labs crew at the start of the season. Similar situations occurred in previous years, so it looks as though this is becoming par for the course.

Basically, we learned of this when executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was talking about the personal journey Caitlin Snow has been embarking on with her transitioning to the identity to Killer Frost. But, unlike her villainous Earth-2 counterpart, her stance seems to be a bit more ambiguous. And while Kreisberg doesn’t “want to spoil too much,” he did offer that “what she’s been doing for the last six months is fairly interesting.”

So, while it remains up in the air as to whether she’ll once again sign up with Team Flash, that lot will have to do some serious regrouping, regardless. With Barry Allen trapped in the Speed Force and H.R. Wells no longer being among the living, expect to see the Scarlet Speedster’s sweetheart step up in a big way because, according to the EP himself, “Iris is running Team Flash,” and that “the season premiere is all about Iris and Cisco, not Barry.” Plus, we have Wally West running around in Barry’s suit, so there’s that.

Speaking of Cisco, he “admits he’s secretly working on a way to retrieve Barry,” so expect Grant Gustin to return before long. Also, Mr. Ramon will get to share some scenes with Earth-2 Harry now that H.R. is dead, so, if you favor that persona portrayed by Tom Cavanagh, there’ll be a lot to look forward to when The Flash returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.