The ‘Hawkeye’ domino effect has Daredevil trending worldwide

The global appeal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can never be overestimated, and in the case of today’s Hawkeye episode, it’s set off a chain reaction of events that have captured the imagination of the internet, with the third installment of the Disney Plus series boasting a handful of the hottest topics on social media.

Alaqua Cox’s Echo got her full-blown introduction and backstory, which saw both Hawkeye and the show’s method of showcasing the deaf superhero come in for widespread praise. And then we saw the hand. Maya’s Uncle was teased in the most fan-baiting fashion possible, and before you knew it, nobody could stop talking about Kingpin.

What’s the biggest shared connection between Maya Lopez and Wilson Fisk in the comic books? Why, it’s Daredevil, with expected Spider-Man: No Way Home returnee Charlie Cox the latest costumed crimefighter to set virtual tongues wagging.

In short; Hawkeye‘s latest episode was trending in itself, as was the debut of Echo, which in turn led to Kingpin blowing up on the Twittersphere, and that then segued into more love for Daredevil. There aren’t many franchises that boast that sort of reach, and given that we’re only halfway through Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s street-level romp, there’s plenty more to come.