The Internet Is Roasting Larry The Cable Guy For A Controversial Take

It’s been a long time since Larry The Cable Guy’s heydey but he’s managed to keep a solid fanbase over the years. His most recent comedy special, Remain Seated, is well-reviewed. Currently however, no one is talking about his comedy or his untitled Cars series coming to Disney+ — they’re too angry for that.

Larry The Cable Guy has previously spread misinformation about COVID-19 but has gone to further levels recently that have finally caught the notice of more people. Many users on Twitter have been sharing how they’ve been blocked by the comedian for trying to correct his misinformed views.

Now, several medical doctors have taken to calling out the actor to try and hold him accountable.

It seems Larry was unable to stop the overwhelming amount of evidence against him and began to block doctors en masse. Of course, Twitter did what it does best and started to roast the actor and those that believed him over medical experts.

It doesn’t seem like Larry The Cable Guy will be living this down any time soon but we’ll have to see if this piece of humble mind convinces him to change his tune surrounding COVID-19.