The Internet Shares Their Most Unpopular Opinions On Squid Game

Squid Game has become one of the biggest television series in recent memory, so it’s fair to say most people have really enjoyed the Korean Netflix series.

Due to its popularity, fans of Squid Game have voiced their opinions and even theorized why certain things happened in the show. Not all of those theories or opinions are necessarily popular, however, and by the looks of a recent Reddit thread, there are actually quite a few unpopular opinions about Squid Game. We’ve compiled some of the top comments from that thread below.

This theory involves the game in which players were instructed to somehow get their partner’s 10 marbles. While all of the players in the show ultimately won a game to secure all 20 marbles, some fans theorized that both players technically could have won the game by trading marbles, which would have, in theory, allowed both players to advance to the next game. Nobody ended up doing this, although Il-nam did seem to hint that this was allowed when talking with Gi-hun.

During the game in which all of the players are forced to walk across a bridge made up of regular, sturdy glass and flimsy, tempered glass, the Front Man turned off the lights, which were allowing the final players to figure out which panes of glass were strong enough to walk on. This ultimately resulted in one player’s death and seemed to prove that the games were not as fair as they had been made out to be.

Here are some of the other top unpopular Squid Game opinions.

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