The Lost Boys Producer Is Hopeful The TV Reboot Will Air In 2020


Two weeks ago, it was all change for The CW and its TV revival of The Lost Boys.

Despite drafting together an exciting ensemble cast for the planned pilot, and shooting said pilot episode in May of this year, the Powers That Be ordered The Lost Boys back to the drawing board soon after the first test footage emerged. Put simply, The CW’s top brass were impressed with the script, but believed the execution was lacking.

And so began a total overhaul, after it was announced that the network would recast its Lost Boys revival, sparing just two actors: Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro. The former is attached to the part of Stella (essentially an updated version of the Star character from ’87), while Shapiro is David.

But rest assured, as Rob Thomas tells EW, The Lost Boys reboot is nearing the warm light of day.

We’re so close! I mean, CW never remakes a pilot, and they’re remaking this one because they believe in it, and we just have to get a couple more things right this time on it. Hopefully, it will be on the air next year.


Thomas then went on to clear up some of the confusion surrounding his involvement in the planned TV show:

I am not attached as the showrunner; I am one of the producers on it. A writer named Heather Mitchell, who comes out of the Shondaland world, is writing it for us and would be the showrunner. We are making a new pilot. I go directly from this phone call into a conference call about the latest outline of Lost Boys, so we are making progress.

Last we reported, it was confirmed that Rahimi and Shapiro – the only two stars left remaining from that aforementioned ensemble – will headline a “new, reworked pilot, which will likely film by the end of the year.” Alas, the likes of Rio Mangini (Sam) Sarah Hay, Del Zamora, Cheyenne Haynes, Haley Tju, Tyler Posey and Kiele Sanchez didn’t survive The Lost Boys cull, and won’t be heading to the vampire underworld after all.

More on this project as it begins to undergo its radical rebirth.

Source: EW