The Making Of The MCU Author Tara Bennett Addresses Agents Of Shield Canon Debate

Earlier this week, Marvel released a look into the history of its cinematic universe with the release of the book “The Story of Marvel Studios” and along with providing insight this new book sparked a heated debate about the canon status of the TV series Agents of Shield and Agent Carter within the MCU.

While this series starred MCU alumni in Phil Coulson portrayed by Clark Gregg, it was developed separately by Marvel TV not Marvel Studios so its relation to the main universe has been heavily debated. Similarly, Agent Carter features Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, a role that the actress portrayed in the Captain America series.

This new book provided ammunition for both sides of this debate, which were further fueled by tweets from the book’s author Tara Bennett which seemed to vaguely indicate that the series wasn’t considered canonical.

After lots of fan uproar, Bennett took to Twitter once again to silence the debate for good providing a statement detailing her understanding of the series place within the Marvel canon.

Bennett explained that the book is not making any claims to the status of Agents of Shield and Agent Carter within the MCU. It simply functions as a way to detail the creative productions of projects by Marvel Studios themselves. Closing out, Bennett urged Marvel fans to simply enjoy the shows, characters, movies, and great stories that together create the Marvel Comics universe.

This statement hasn’t seemed to provide closure for many fans though as the debate regarding the canon status of this beloved series is still raging on. Perhaps in the future, we’ll get a concrete answer to the question.