The Mandalorian Season 3 Leak Details Massive Battle Scene With Some Spoilers

The Mandalorian season three has begun production and rumors and leaks have begun to circulate of what could come to fruition during the highly anticipated next season of the show.

As casting for extras takes place as well as other production activities some information is going to slip from the set and that seems to be what has happened recently providing some insight into what is to come.

According to a report by Making Star Wars, things are about to get taken to a whole other level on the battlefield with season three of The Mandalorian currently looking to cast an army of 75 Mandalorains for a scene during the season.

While it isn’t exactly clear the reasons for this casting, Making Star Wars claims that local actors will be used for the featured Mandalorian actors, while the background characters will be comprised of fandom members.

The report also claims that during the sequence these Mandalorian members will be doing some armor swapping so that there is more variation to outfitting on screen. Making Star Wars claims that they sighted samples that include a “Boba Fett vibe” with different colors and pieces unlike Din Djarin’s Mandalorian suit featured prominently during the series.

As for why exactly 75 Mandalorians would be coming together no information is known right now, however, rumors indicate that Din Djarin’s call for Mandalorian help is answered after the Mandalorian becomes notorious throughout the galaxy.

Of course, this is currently just speculation and we likely won’t know the real context behind bringing together this many Mandalorian soldiers until the season airs early in 2022.