The Phase Five crisis continues as Disney Plus removes release windows for every upcoming MCU series

Image via Marvel Studios

Disney boss Bob Iger recently made a serious splash when he intimated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be better off served by focusing on quality over quantity, leading many to question if even more delays were on the cards.

After all, the franchise has been very quiet when it comes to confirming release dates for any of its upcoming streaming exclusives, while rumors continue to abound that there could be more reshuffling on the feature film side of things, too. We’re not in full-blown panic mode just yet, but an update on Disney Plus has sent shockwaves throughout the fandom nonetheless.

Despite having a slew of episodic originals in development – many of which have already finished shooting – not a single one of them has been given a locked-in debut as of yet. That could be the case for a while to come, though, with the internet picking up on the fact that even the vaguest of seasonal release windows have been changed to the ominously vague “coming soon.”

With Iger urging Kevin Feige and his team to slow down to stop burning through as much content as possible – which may or may not be related to franchise fatigue beginning to settle in – it’s easy to see why panic mode was the first reaction to seeing virtually every incoming MCU original being given a broad “coming soon” that doesn’t reveal even the merest hint of when to expect the end product to premiere.

It’s all supposed to be connected, so you’d imagine there’s at least a vague outline in place for what’s supposed to be releasing when, but the less we hear about it as time progresses, the more likely it is that the bad buzz will continue to grow.