The Punisher Showrunner Name-Drops Two Major Villains He’d Like To Introduce In Season 2


If Marvel and Netflix decide to push on with a second season of The Punisher, Frank Castle could come face-to-face with two major Marvel villains: Barracuda and Kathryn O’Brien.

At least, that’s according to series showrunner Steve Lightfoot, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter (via CBM) about the newly-released Marvel series, its titular anti-hero, and the excessive (?) violence underpinning Frank’s standalone story.

But whereas The Punisher‘s inaugural season thrust our haunted protagonist into the midst of a government conspiracy, it seems Lightfoot wants to extract two major comic book villains in the not-so-distant future – you know, providing season 2 gets the go-ahead from Netflix.

I haven’t even thought about season 2, but one of the villains I love is Barracuda [from Garth Ennis’ Punisher MAX series]. I think he’s great fun. I also really like Kathryn O’Brien [also introduced in Ennis’ Punisher MAX run]. I thought she was always really cool. Certainly, those two jump out at me initially, but there are so many great characters there. It’s a very fun sandbox.

Both Kathryn O’Brien and Barracuda have a long history with Frank Castle in the comics, so there’s a ton of material for The Punisher to explore. Not only that, but Lightfoot and Co. could also allow each villain to mingle in with the characters who were created specifically for Netflix’s adaptation.

This is all hearsay for now, of course, as Marvel and Netflix have stayed tight-lipped about the show’s future. Nevertheless, as our own review points out, The Punisher is off to a relatively strong start:

Not as much fun or as engaging as most other Marvel/Netflix shows, The Punisher still prevails, thanks in large part to Jon Bernthal’s performance as the damaged antihero.

Teeming with Easter eggs and other cute references – such is the Marvel way – The Punisher initially bowed late last week, and though Steve Lightfoot is hopeful of a second season, we imagine the Powers That Be will dedicate 2018 to its core foursome: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Mike Colter’s musclebound Luke Cage.