The Punisher Tears Through A Hallway In Epic New Clip


With only nine days standing between now and release, Marvel and Netflix have unleashed The Punisher‘s intense new promo, in which Frank Castle tears through a hallway.

From Luke Cage to The Defenders, Marvel’s Netflix arm has a long history of corridor fight sequences – particularly those featuring the Man Without Fear, which channeled the spirit of Oldboy with a single-take shot – so it’s refreshing to learn that The Punisher will be honoring tradition on November 17th.

As for the promo itself, below you’ll see Jon Bernthal’s raging anti-hero have a run-in with the law, before dropping down to relative safety as bullets pierce the dusty air. In keeping with Frank Castle’s vigilantism, the Tweet also came bearing the caption: “Nine days remain until they get what’s coming to them.” And let’s just say we pity the fool who winds up on the wrong side of the titular character next Friday.

As promised, The Punisher is much more than a 13-hour killing spree; instead, the Marvel standalone series will delve deep into Frank Castle’s military past, and his subsequent (and potent!) PTSD.

Here’s what Jon Bernthal had to say in a recent interview:

This is a real piece about grief; it’s about pain. What we ask in the course of this season is ‘What do you do next? What do you do with the war inside, and how do you face that?’

Looking at the bigger picture, though, and it seems future instalments of Marvel’s Netflix slate may be relocated to Disney’s own streaming service when it launches in 2019. Negotiations between the Mouse House and Fox have allegedly been placed on hold, so this proposed acquisition is far from a sure-thing.

But don’t fret; all 13 episodes of The Punisher will be available to stream via Netflix from November 17th.