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‘The Rings of Power’ showrunners express relief at not having to keep secrets anymore

Will this be the show's biggest twist? It's hard to imagine another revelation like this.

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This article contains spoilers for the season finale of The Rings of Power

The Rings of Power‘s first season is now complete, delivering a twist that’s left fans breathless, and is certain to inspire debate online for years. Though a lot went down in the finale, all that anyone’s going to be talking about it is the twist that Charlie Vickers’ hunky castaway Halbrand is… the dark lord Sauron.

This leaves Galadriel with her foot firmly in her mouth, as she not only saved the life of the man she vowed to destroy, but installed him as the King of the Southlands. We’d be embarrassed, too, so no wonder she ends up hiding out in the middle of a wood for a thousand years.

It’s also notable that The Rings of Power has kept a very tight lid on spoilers, as though many had theorized that Halbrand was Sauron, we didn’t get a leak confirming it. Now, in an interview with Deadline, showrunner Lindsey Weber has said it’s a relief not to have to keep secrets anymore.

“Honestly, I’m so glad for episode 8 to be out in the world and for us to not have to be the guardians of a bunch of secrets any longer. We really love this episode and the way it all came together, and the people of the world will think everything, love/hate and in between, I’m quite sure, but it certainly seems like everybody’s talking about it and people are watching. I think we always knew there would be a lot of chatter from all corners, and it’s good to be talked about.”

The interview goes on to discuss how Galadriel is going to react to her colossal mistake, saying that they’ve previously shown her being “right a lot” to contrast this big error. It seems that the next seasons are going to show how she “lives with the consequences”.

Weber also confirms that the full five seasons are already mapped out, though they’re willing to let the story “evolve” based on how things pan out. With season two production shifting from New Zealand to England, we may have another two years before we once again step foot again in Middle-earth.

Still, at least we have a lot to talk about while we wait!

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