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‘The Star Wars Toilet still keeps me up at night’: Even the best scenes in ‘Andor’ weren’t without their issues

'Andor's production designer has quite the demon to contend with.

Andor episode 11
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Generations from now, young Star Wars fans will probably be baffled upon hearing that Andor had very little fanfare behind it prior to its release. In fact, given that the show looks all but ready to go down in history as one of the greatest Star Wars projects ever, it’s hard to imagine life before it.

Even without the rest of the show shoring it up, Andor‘s prison break arc had everything it needed to nab an award or two on its own; after introducing Andy Serkis’ scene-stealing Kino Loy, it wasn’t long before the rousing riot sequence began, and from that point forward, the words “one way out” became one of the best goosebump elicitors for many a Star Wars fan.

More often than not, the best creatives are their own biggest critic, and while that particular string of episodes is burned into our brains for the better, there’s one aspect of the Narkina 5 escape that – for one crew member – will forever be perceived as a blight on their résumé. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, production designer Luke Hull divulged his regrets on the work he did for Cassian’s cell toilet; claiming that his failures still keep him up at night.

“The Star Wars Toilet still keeps me up at night. We probably could have done a bit more work to make it more interesting.”

Suffice to say, that prison toilet aesthetic wasn’t exactly the make-or-break of Andor‘s best episodes, nor has it probably ever been such for any Star Wars project. And given the deliberate intricacies of the prison as a whole, to say nothing of how it played into the logistics of Cassian and company’s escape, Hull deserves an enormous pat on the back.

The first season of Andor is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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