The Suicide Squad’s Post-Credits Scene Was Shot During Peacemaker


James Gunn is known for putting post-credits sequences in almost every single one of his movies regardless of whether it’s a comic book blockbuster or not, so it was inevitable that The Suicide Squad was going to feature at least one tease after the plot had been wrapped up, especially when he managed to fit five stingers into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The first sees Weasel washed up on a Corto Maltese beach having lived through his sterling introduction to Task Force X, where the creature jumped out of a plane and immediately drowned because he didn’t know how to swim. The second reveals that John Cena’s Taskmaster survived his apparent demise having been shot in the neck and then had an entire building fall on him, which was designed to tie into his upcoming HBO Max spinoff show.

In a new interview, Gunn revealed that the Peacemaker bonus footage was actually shot during production on the series and not as part of The Suicide Squad, because the project wasn’t made official until long after principal photography had already wrapped.

“It got added because the TV show. I didn’t say I was going to do the TV show until after the movie was basically finished being cut. Then I got asked to do the TV show, and then I said I would do it. Then when we started shooting the TV show, I shot the post-credit scene.”

Peacemaker was originally announced as a prequel, but Gunn changed his mind early on and instead decided it would follow right after The Suicide Squad. As well as directing a handful of episodes himself, The Machinist‘s Brad Anderson, The Good Wife‘s Rosemary Rodriguez and Danny McBride’s longtime creative collaborator Jody Hill also helm at least one installment each.

We’ve already heard that Peacemaker is going to have more action than any other superhero show ever, and based on the reception to Cena’s performance in The Suicide Squad, fans and HBO Max subscribers are more than happy to see more.