The Tick Casts Peter Serafinowicz In The Title Role


Spooooooon! A couple of weeks ago we found out that a new live-action TV series based on Ben Edlund’s ever-popular superhero spoof character, The Tick, had received a pilot order at Amazon. Fans were disappointed that Patrick Warburton wasn’t going to reprise his role from the short-lived Fox show, but something tells me they won’t have much of a problem with his replacement.

According to Deadline, British actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz will bring The Tick to life in the new incarnation of the show. Serafinowicz has become something of a geek treasure over the years, and was last seen playing Denarian Saal in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He also provided the dubbed-over voice for Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.


In addition to the casting news, the report also provided the first logline for the show, which gives us some idea of what we can expect from the plot:

The blue-suited Tick is recovering from a memory loss and ends up reteaming with his sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman) to fight evil. The two are surrounded by a new host of characters that include Arthur’s sister Dot (Valorie Curry).

Edlund will return to write the pilot episode of The Tick, and will also executive produce, with cinematographer Wally Pfister in talks to direct. With Serafinowicz now on board, you can expect more casting news to arrive soon, and we’ll be sure to bring it to you as soon as it lands.