The Tracksuit Mafia gets some love in new ‘Hawkeye’ poster

Image: Keane Eacobellis / Marvel

Though we love our heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sometimes it’s appropriate to pay homage to the villains in the franchise as well, such as the hilariously on-the-nose named Tracksuit Mafia in the Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

The series made its premiere on the streaming service last Wednesday with its first two episodes, in which Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop get entangled in an MCU side adventure ripe for the holidays.

While Clint is simply trying to reunite with his family for Christmas after seeing his somewhat humiliating depiction in a Broadway musical about Captain America, the hero becomes sidetracked upon learning of the resurgence of one of the darker aspects of his history: his mafia-slaying alter-ego Ronin, whom we saw slaughtering countless Yakuza members in Avengers: Endgame.

All is not what it seems, however, as it becomes apparent that Kate is the one who took the costume to defend against the aforementioned baddies trying to heist an auction in a wine cellar. Clint nevertheless confronts her, only to discover the person behind the mask is a young woman that absolutely idealizes Hawkeye and is herself a talented archer.

Meanwhile, the Tracksuit Mafia is convinced Ronin, the mysterious figure that previously targeted many of their members post-Thanos snap, has returned. The antagonists are featured in a new poster from Disney.

We’re not sure what awaits Kate and Clint in the forthcoming episodes of the series — and whether there is perhaps a more ominous threat in store for the pair other than the Tracksuit Mafia — but we’re excited to find out as the adventure unfolds with a new episode of Hawkeye arriving each Wednesday on Disney Plus.