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The unfair early demise of a cult comic book show created wounds that just won’t heal

There are few things worse than getting attached to a show that gets canned way too soon.

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The last five years have shown that DC fans aren’t ones to forgive, forget, and move on, as we’ve seen with the continued campaigns to restore the SnyderVerse, will David Ayer’s Suicide Squad into existence, and most recently the backlash to the cancellation of Batgirl. It’s been three and a half years since Swamp Thing was submerged for good, and yet the wounds simply won’t heal for the show’s vociferous supporters.

A supernatural superhero show that combined comic book capers with horror elements sounded like a winner on paper, and a 92 percent Rotten Tomatoes score would indicate that Swamp Thing was also a success in practice. However, the episode order was whittled down from 13 to 10 episodes, with the axe being officially wielded before the first season had even gotten the chance to wrap up.

Based on the outpouring of support filling up the comments of a Reddit thread reflecting on Swamp Thing biting the dust way too soon, it’s clear that Warner Bros. actively pissing off its staunchest supporters isn’t exactly a new development.

For a while, there were brief flickers of hope that Swamp Thing could be resurrected or even shifted across to a different network or streaming service, but it wasn’t to be. There are few things worse than emotionally investing in an episodic adventure that ends on a cliffhanger, only to discover that it was all for nothing.

Swamp Thing may be gone, then, but it certainly hasn’t been forgotten. If anything, the short-lived series only continues to grow in reputation and popularity, even if a 10-episode existence means the entire thing can be binged in no time at all.

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