The Vampire Diaries Review: “Down The Rabbit Hole” (Season 4, Episode 14)


“Look at us. A newbie hunter and a witch who needs supervision. How are we the ones who made it this far?”

Down the rabbit hole we go, and with us most of the cast of The Vampire Diaries – or so it appears. Fans of The Vampire Diaries might have gotten more than they expected with this episode, which left them as lost as they’ve ever been.

It was only a matter of time before Katherine (Nina Dobrev) returned to stir up trouble for her long removed descendants, but in time to steal the cure for herself? That was less than expected. Yet, if you thought it was anyone else trying to take Elena (also Dobrev) out at the last moment, you were just kidding yourself. Although the circumstances surrounding Katherine becoming a vampire were not ideal, it’s hard to picture her as anything but. After torturing her way through centuries of immortal life, wanting to experience life as a weak human doesn’t seem like it would fit her accustomed style of living. Which begs the question of what she really plans to use the cure for?

Now that we know there’s only one dose of the cure that sent our friends all the way from Mystic Falls halfway around the world to an island of the coast of Nova Scotia, Katherine must have a brilliant master plan to take this risk. Her vampire life has been mostly made up of one stretched out attempt to elude Klaus (Joseph Morgan) by staying one step ahead of him. Logic would lead to one conclusion – that Katherine plans to use the cure on Klaus. He made no secret of the fact that he had no qualms being a vampire and no plans on taking the cure, although Elena becoming human again would suffice him quite nicely. Ergo, stealing the cure from him would be pointless since he never wanted it in the first place and becoming human herself would be a dull move. It seems fairly useless for her to regain her humanity when a human Katherine would be just as much a victory for Klaus as a human Elena. He could finally turn her into the blood bank like he always intended and use her to make a new hybrid army – in addition to torturing her for the trouble she’s caused. It’s more likely seems that her thought proccess lies more with the following theory – if killing an Original kills thier entire bloodline, than could curing an Original have a similar outcome?

Suffice to say, we may never find out. We already know that all the remaining Originals are packing up and moving to New Orleans at the end of the season – I can only assume they will still be vampires at that point. It may be an interesting change of pace however to see Katherine on the offensive instead of the defensive for once. She has a tendency to hide in the shadows and only make calculated strikes, and usually through other people. She prefers to go after defenseless humans i.e. a hospitalized Caroline (Candice Accola), rather than get own hands dity. Although she has come through in crunch time before, I doubt that killing Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) indirectly will win her any brownie points.

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