New Clip From The Walking Dead Sees Daryl Get A Crossbow


The very first time we set eyes on him back in season 1 of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon was carrying a brace of rabbits he’d just hunted down with his trusty crossbow, and from that point on the fan-favorite hillbilly has been taking out walkers left and right with his lethal weapon of choice. However, Daryl was relieved of his bow last season when he had the misfortune of running into Dwight, and Negan’s horrifically scarred henchman has been rubbing it in his face ever since.

Well, the younger Dixon boy may just have the last laugh, as he’s handed an even bigger crossbow in this sneak peek from Sunday’s new episode. Daryl comes upon Richard practicing with a standard bow and arrow, as he feels The Saviors would know something was up if he was packing a firearm when he next encountered them. Richard hands The Kingdom’s latest resident a crossbow, telling him they both “want the same things,” and that he “needs his help.”

Daryl is hesitant to accept at first, but after spending a significant amount of time as a prisoner of The Saviors – not to mention being a witness to the horrific deaths of his friends at Negan’s hands – it’s clear that he’s also seeking revenge. Of course, it’s going to take more than one man and a bow to stop The Saviors, but something tells us King Ezekiel will come around to Rick’s way of thinking and commit his people to the cause sooner rather than later.

The next episode of The Walking Dead is titled “New Best Friends” and will air this Sunday on AMC. For an idea of what to expect, you can check out a sneak peak below.