The Walking Dead Fans React To Season 11A Finale’s Tense Cliffhanger

Norman Reedus
Image via AMC

The Walking Dead wrapped up the first third of its supersized eleventh and final season this Sunday, and in classic TWD style, it ended on a cliffhanger. A multipronged cliffhanger, to be specific, which left pretty much everyone in danger. Episode 11×08 “For Blood” concluded with the conflict with the Reapers taking an unexpected turn and things turning catastrophic back home at Alexandria.

Daryl, Negan and Maggie’s group at Meridian thought the battle had gone their way when Leah betrayed her leader Pope to stop him from firing his hwacha – a multiple rocket launcher – at them. However, she then takes command for herself and fires the weapon, anyway, raining a tirade of rocket-powered arrows down on the survivors.

Meanwhile, the Alexandrians have split into three teams following a windmill fire that has drawn walkers to their door – Aaron leads a mission to douse the flames, Carol and others attempt to fix a collapsed wall while Rosita protects the children. But when she goes to rescue her baby daughter Coco, Judith and Gracie are left alone, barricading themselves from the invading walkers in a basement, which is quickly filling with water…

With so much danger on all fronts, this is one tense cliffhanger, and TWD fans have been losing it on social media as they try to process having to wait several more months until we get to find out how everything resolves.

It’s not looking good for Maggie and Negan.

That is the big question.

The end is about to begin…

But not everyone is buying it. The nail-biting cliffhanger was followed up by the season 11B trailer, which debuted online last week… A trailer which makes clear that various characters get out of this predicament alive. For some, this spoiled the whole thing.

For a couple of seconds there, we were worried.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for another eight episodes on February 20th, 2022.