The Walking Dead Artist Posts His Own Grisly Version Of Glenn’s Death Scene


Renown comic book artist Tony Moore has posted his own version of Glenn’s death scene from The Walking Dead, and it’s as grisly as you’d expect.

First spotted by Screen Rant, Moore shared the blood-drenched sketch via Instagram late last week before attending Boston’s annual Comic-Con, and even if you only have a passing knowledge of Robert Kirkman’s source material, you’ll be able to recognize the carefully drawn design in an instant. That’s because Tony Moore has been contributing to The Walking Dead since it first hit store shelves back in 2003, when Kirkman’s vision of a perpetually bleak zombie apocalypse was still in its infancy. It wasn’t until 2010 that AMC tapped his magnum opus for the small screen, and the rest is history.

Now on the brink of its eighth season and 100th episode, The Walking Dead is a cornerstone of mainstream television, and its episodes – particularly those nail-biting premieres/finales – tend to attract upwards of 17 million viewers. Those numbers have admittedly been on the decline of late, and season 7’s swan song, “The First Day Of The Rest of Your Life,” dipped to around 11 million.

Whether those ratings bounce back will be revealed in October, but if you’re wanting to take another look at Glenn’s death from a new perspective, look no further than Moore’s post. And fair warning: it’s a brutal depiction of Negan’s wrath.

And though Glenn’s demise left The Walking Dead community in a state of shock, the likes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Andrew Lincoln, and even Steven Yeun himself have gone on record to say that while bumping off some of the show’s major characters is cruel, it’s a necessary evil.

Said to motor along at breakneck speed, The Walking Dead season 8 stages its premiere on Sunday, October 22nd. But what are your hopes (and fears!) going into this new round of episodes? Do let us know.

Source: Instagram