New Walking Dead Promo Welcomes Back The Show


Ahead of the show’s return in a couple months’ time, a new promo for The Walking Dead season 8 has landed online today, and you can give it a watch up above.

The short, 25 second video doesn’t actually feature any new footage, as it’s just a snippet from the trailer that was released back at Comic-Con. That being said, it does give us some awesome moments that we can’t wait to see in their proper context – Daryl charging through explosions on his motorcycle, Maggie talking about how she’s been fighting since the farm, Morgan vs. Jesus, etc.

The promo also sports the bold, but kind of true, claim that “The #1 show on television returns,” with the end reminding us that the premiere is the 100th episode of the zombie drama, with a message saying thanks to the fans who made it such a barn-storming success. Again, all of this we’ve seen before, but it’s always nice to get another reminder of what’s in store, right?

Speaking of which, we’re hopeful that the premiere will mark a sizeable shift in the show’s fortunes. After all, season 7 was hugely controversial with fans, due to many believing it suffered from a plodding, meandering storyline. With the cast and crew promising us that things will be much more “action-packed” and “kinetic” next season though, the show looks set to get its groove back as its episode count enters triple digits.

One way or another, we’ll see if it lives up to our expectations when The Walking Dead returns on October 22nd.