Latest Promo For The Walking Dead’s Midseason Premiere Is All About The Outgoing Carl Grimes


He’s been a stalwart of The Walking Dead from the very beginning, but on Sunday, Carl Grimes will enjoy his final moments in what will surely be a somber, heart-wrenching midseason premiere.

Entitled “Honor,” we know that the next episode will be an extended one, as AMC tees up the remainder of The Walking Dead season 8 and its adaptation of All-Out War, arguably one of the most beloved storylines found among the pages of Robert Kirkman’s comic book saga.

Speaking of which, the young Carl Grimes is still alive in Kirkman’s source material, leading to some disgruntled groans among The Walking Dead community. After all, the decision to kill off Chandler Riggs’ survivor is far and away the show’s most significant departure from the comics, so it’s almost inevitable that season 8’s midseason premiere will prove contentious among fans.

One thing that isn’t contentious, though, is Carl’s meandering journey on The Walking Dead, which is beautifully illustrated down below.

And though he’s already come to terms with his imminent demise, Chandler Riggs recently took a moment to thank the show’s impassioned community for supporting his character – both on screen and off – over the past eight years.

I think it’s actually awesome that people have really watched me grow up and have been able to relate to a character on such a level as they’ve really just fallen in love with Carl and his life. I think it’s amazing to be a part of something that incredible.

I think that’s why it’s such a phenomenon because people can relate to these characters on such a level and they like to put themselves in similar situations and see how they would act and what they would do. I think it’s just such a relatable show that it’s hard for people to not watch.

The Walking Dead season 8 finally returns from its winter hiatus this Sunday, so fortify those heartstrings and have the tissues on standby: death has come knocking for young Carl Grimes.

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