The Walking Dead Star Teases Possible Carol/Rick Reunion In Movie Trilogy

walking dead

“Look at the Flowers,” AMC’s second-to-last episode of The Walking Dead season 10, delivered a number of powerhouse performances from Samantha Morton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josh McDermitt, and Khary Payton. But none more so than Melissa McBride, who truly brought her A-game for Carol’s latest adventure.

In the interest of keeping spoilers at bay, we’ll not go into specifics, but it’s fair to say that McBride’s series stalwart enjoyed an incredible episode. As a matter of fact, The Walking Dead viewers are beginning to wonder whether Carol will go on to reunite with Rick Grimes in the upcoming AMC movie trilogy.

Turns out that’s not outside the realm of possibility, as Melissa McBride herself revealed the following in the aftermath of “Look at the Flowers:”

I haven’t talked to him in a while. I know he’s doing some stuff, but I haven’t talked to him in a while, and I talk to him through other people. I get the low down. So, I’m very anxious to see what his work is on The Walking Dead, in the Walking Dead world.

Slowly but surely, all major characters within The Walking Dead universe are beginning to twig on to the fact that Rick Grimes is still alive. Take Michonne, as an example. Danai Gurira’s long-time favorite bowed out of the AMC zombie drama just last week, but her heartfelt send-off strongly suggested that Michonne will go on the hunt for Rick when those aforementioned movies roll around.

Speaking of which, we understand Michonne was only supposed to appear in the second installment, but it’s looking increasingly likely that plans have changed and Gurira’s katana-wielding badass will show up in the first.

As for Melissa McBride, well, she’s hoping Carol will be the one to reach out to the wayward Rick Grimes:

I think she would probably tell him that Judith is alive and well and is such an amazing human being. More than you could ever imagine, and she’s so much like her mothers. And him. ‘She’s so much like you, Rick.’

Season 10 of The Walking Dead reaches its finale a little earlier than expected with this Sunday’s “The Tower,” by which point we expect to learn much more about Juanita Sanchez (Paola Lazaro), otherwise known as The Princess.