The Walking Dead Season 10 Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Norman Reedus

Good news, TWD fans! Almost two years after it premiered, The Walking Dead season 10 is finally available to stream on Netflix. Ordinarily, we would’ve have it go up on the platform a lot time ago, but due to the pandemic shuffling around AMC’s plans for the post-apocalyptic drama, season 10 only finished airing on network TV back in April. But now, fans can relive all 22 episodes of the most recent season of the show on Netflix in the US.

Those 22 episodes comprise the original 16 episodes that made up season 10, which aired across 2019 and 2020, and the six additional episodes that arrived in early 2021. Seasons 10A and B covered the second half of the Whisperer War, following on from season 9, encompassing the rise and fall of Alpha, Negan’s apparent betrayal and eventual return to the fold and the revenge of Beta. Not to mention Lauren Cohan’s big comeback as Maggie. Season 10C, meanwhile, acted as a bridge between seasons 10 and 11, consisting of smaller-scale stories that could be safely produced during the COVID outbreak.

Now is the perfect time for season 10 to land on Netflix as subscribers have about a month to binge these 22 episodes before season 11 kicks off in August. TWD‘s final run is set to be structured in a similar way to season 10. It’ll consist of 24 episodes, released in three batches of eight over the next year and a half. So we should prepare for that to take its sweet time in arriving on Netflix as well.

If you don’t have Netflix, season 10 can still be found on AMC’s TWD Universe (login required), though it’s no longer available to stream on AMC Plus. AMC subscribers will get to catch The Walking Dead season 11 premiere a week early from August 15th, however. Otherwise, check the opening episode out when it hits network TV on August 22nd.