The Walking Dead Season 11 Just Teased This Fan-Favorite’s Return

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is reaching its end with its eleventh season, with the long-running series’ final run clocking in at a super-sized 24 episodes. With only three weeks having gone by so far, we’ve still got a long way to go before it’s time to call it a day, but fans are already wondering how things are going to wrap up. Right now, the season is moving forward with fresh storylines, like the introduction of a new threat called the Reapers. But a moment in the latest episode teased that the show could start to look back, too, with the return of one of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters.

Episode 11×03, titled “Hunted,” featured an intriguing admission from Rosita (Christian Serratos). She reveals that she’s been having a recurring dream where Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) tries to give her a warming, only for him to get shot in the head. She is convinced this dream is important in some way, if only she can figure out its meaning. Apart from being a reference to how Abraham died in the comics, discussing Abraham like this feels like a promise to the audience that Cudlitz could show up for a cameo pretty soon.

Though his character was killed off at the start of season 7, Cudlitz has remained a part of the TWD family through his role as a director on the past few seasons, so an on-screen comeback wouldn’t be too hard to pull off. He’s been confirmed to be helming at least one episode of this final season, and maybe he’ll turn up in another one. But if Abraham is coming back, does that mean more old favorites might feature as well – maybe in more dream sequences or hallucinations to explain their returns?

The Walking Dead 11×04 “Rendition” airs on AMC this Sunday. Or else you can stream it now on AMC Plus.