The Gang Venture Toward Something Big In The Walking Dead Season 6 Clip


The companion series to AMC’s tentpole undead drama The Walking Dead premiered last night. Whether Fear The Walking Dead‘s leisurely pace and slow-burn character development appealed or deterred you, the chances are it stirred up longing for the return of its sister show. Luckily, a couple of new clips dropped to remind us that while L.A. is just waking up to the apocalypse, in Georgia, it’s business as usual for Rick Grimes and co.

In the new promo video, the main cast appear one after another in a dark and gloomy setting to the strains of a maudlin song. It’s more of a tonal teaser that sets the stage for the types of tense atmospheres that no doubt lie ahead for the gang.

Elsewhere, the first proper clip from the series has now surfaced online, following its debut on last night’s The Talking Dead. Like the other video, it’s hardly action-packed, but offers a glimpse into the psyche of two main characters: Sasha and Abraham. This clip opens in the car as Abraham grills Sasha on her wellbeing. She assures him that she’s fine and by the looks of his face, he doesn’t believe her. None of that seems to matter, however, when they arrive at their mystery destination.

Usually when characters are out driving, it’s on a supply run – for food, ammunition and whatever other supplies the crew need for their latest scheme. This doesn’t strike as being the same mundane mission, but something much more important. While we know that the upcoming season is promising an even darker set of circumstances, it’s difficult to gauge what the pair are cooking up. Take a look for yourself below though, and shout out your thoughts on the season in the comments!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 11.

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