Return To Hilltop With This New Walking Dead Promo


Many viewers feel that AMC’s The Walking Dead has been treading water a little since that brutally bloody season 7 premiere, but even the show’s biggest detractors have to admit that last night’s installment, “Bury Me Here,” was a powerful and compelling return to form.

The episode saw one of the series’ more complex characters, Morgan, finally abandon his peaceful ways and get re-antiquated with the killer inside, as he mercilessly dispatched Richard when he discovered the Knight of the Kingdom was the one who was most directly responsible for Benjamin’s death at the hands of the Saviors. As the season continues on, we’ll hopefully get to see if Morgan can now keep a handle on his murderous tendencies and actually be of use to the group in the “all-out war” to come, but first, we’re going to be looking back in on the folks at the Hilltop.

In the promo for next week’s episode, “The Other Side,” we see that Sasha and Rosita stop off at the Hilltop under the pretence that the latter is there to train members of the community. However, it soon becomes clear that the ladies are actually there to arm-up for their suicide mission to assassinate Negan. Something tells me that’s not going to go according to plan.

With only three episodes to go now until the season finale, The Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC with what looks to be another explosive outing. Be sure to tune in!