The Walking Dead Season 8 Is Coming To Netflix Next Month


On the eve of Netflix’s September arrivals being released in full, we now have confirmation that The Walking Dead season 8 will be joining Marvel’s Black Panther on the streaming service next month.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop, confirming that we’ll be able to re-watch Rick’s final full season from September 24th – precisely two weeks before The Walking Dead season 9 premieres.

The show’s eighth season initially reached its conclusion back in April, when viewers were treated to a small-screen adaptation of the famous “All-Out War” storyline from Robert Kirkman’s source material. Fan-favorites were killed off. Tears were shed. And Rick Grimes and Negan finally squared up to one another in epic fashion, resulting in the latter’s imprisonment.

That’s roughly where The Walking Dead season 9 kicks off – albeit with an 18-month time jump, which goes some ways to explaining the ravaged Washington D.C. found on this year’s haunting key art.

And while he’s stolen headlines left, right, and center, Andrew Lincoln isn’t the only one about to wave goodbye to The Walking Dead; fellow series veteran Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee) is also ready to call time on her TWD journey, as freshman drama Whiskey Cavalier beckons.

The exact circumstances of each exit remain under lock and key, though we’re now beginning to mentally prepare ourselves for what will be an emotional transition period. Hell, at least Netflix will offer the perfect opportunity for a timely binge-watch of season 8.

Meanwhile, AMC’s ninth season of The Walking Dead is also Andrew Lincoln’s last, as Rick Grimes is only set to appear in the opening six episodes of this year’s installment. Pack the tissues, folks, because on October 7th, it’s the beginning of the end.