AMC’s Survivors Band Together In New Promo Images For The Walking Dead Season 8


Still reeling from The Walking Dead‘s showcase at San Diego Comic-Con? We know the feeling.

In anticipation of season 8’s premiere in October, AMC lifted the lid on a somber, five-minute trailer this past weekend, and caused uproar within the walls of SDCC’s famous Hall H. Using the nerve-racking season 7 finale as a springboard, the extensive showcase essentially served as a roll call, hopping between all of The Walking Dead‘s many survivors to remind viewers of their individual predicaments and, perhaps more importantly, how they all tie into the bigger picture.

And so, in an effort to keep that momentum trucking along, AMC’s official Twitter account (via Bloody Disgusting) has summoned forth four all-new action shots featuring some of your favorite Walker bait. Front and center are Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride), who are once again seen standing next to the former’s trusty motorbike. Also included in the gallery below is another close-up of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his scheming goons, who will loom over The Walking Dead season 8 as the primary cause for concern.

After all, Negan and his Saviors are on the back foot; the ragtag communities of Alexandria, Hilltop, the Kingdom and even the Heapsters have banded together in the face of a common enemy. But will it be enough to topple Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wicked villain once and for all?

On October 22nd, and after Fear The Walking Dead has finished its third run on the airwaves, AMC will unleash the eighth season of The Walking Dead upon the masses. But if you’re still holding out hope for a thorough breakdown of the zombie pandemic and its root cause, don’t; franchise mastermind Robert Kirkman told those in attendance at SDCC last weekend that that mystery, for the most part, will remain unsolved.

Source: Twitter