The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Bring A Sense Of Closure To The War Against Negan


For the past two years, The Walking Dead has managed to keep its impassioned viewers on tenterhooks by fanning the flames of a war between Negan, his Saviors and our ragtag survivors.

Having brought together the communities of Hilltop and the Kingdom, Rick Grimes and the gang are ready to mount a full-frontal assault against Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s bat-wielding maniac, who has arguably become one of the show’s more memorable villains ever since his introduction in the season 6 finale, “Last Day On Earth.”

Much has changed since that fateful encounter, but at least according to PollyAnna McIntosh (Jadis), The Walking Dead‘s eighth season will bring a sense of closure to that long-brewing conflict. While discussing her upcoming role in Middle-earth: Shadow of War to – for the record, she’ll play the mystical Shelob in Monolith’s video game sequel – McIntosh hinted at all of the many surprises in store ahead of the show’s return in October.

Going one step further, the actress also teased that The Walking Dead‘s latest instalment is “chock-full of action,” which aligns with previous comments about season 8 and its breakneck pace. Indeed, a frustratingly uneven momentum proved to be one of the few criticisms levelled against last year’s outing, so we’re pleased to hear that TWD won’t be pulling any punches come October.

[Season 8 is] gonna be chock full of surprises. It’s gonna be chock full of action. They still have that wonderful nuance of morality and character that they do so well. We’re wrapping it up. It’s on, basically.

The eighth season of The Walking Dead debuts via AMC on October 22nd, and as expected, Glenn’s legacy will continue to burn bright despite the death of Steven Yeun’s fan-favorite. Not only that, but those seeking answers for that Old Man Rick scene should pay close attention to season 8’s premiere.