The Walking Dead Season 8 Will See Daryl Throw Caution To The Wind


If there’s one member of The Walking Dead crew who will be longing for revenge in season 8, it’s Daryl Dixon.

Still reeling from the show’s seventh season, in which Norman Reedus’ fan-favorite was subjected to a brutal spell of torture at the hands of Negan and his sinister Saviors, Daryl will soon be caught amongst the “all-out war” between Negan and the show’s three primary factions: the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

Despite their differences, those three armies have joined forces in the name of a common enemy, and all involved in The Walking Dead season 8 have assured viewers that this year’s instalment will be one to remember. It’ll also make history thanks to the premiere of “Mercy,” which will have the honor of marking the show’s 100th episode this coming weekend.

And though AMC has focused on the bigger picture while promoting season 8, Norman Reedus has turned in new intel regarding Daryl Dixon’s thirst for revenge.

He’s just got revenge on his mind this year. He’s ready to kill everybody, no matter what the group says, no matter what anybody says. He’s just like, ‘Nah, screw it. Everybody dies.’ He’s very focused on revenge.

This tunnel vision will no doubt lead to some crowd-pleasing moments, particularly once Daryl inevitably crosses paths with Negan. It’s a showdown that has been long on the cards, so we can’t wait to see what happens when our crossbow-wielding hero goes rogue.

Season 8 feels like our old show again. The people I like working with the most are the ones I’m working with again. The gang’s back together. The fight’s back in it. Last year was so rough. It didn’t feel like our show and I know it is our show, and you’ve got to do stuff like that, but last year felt so disconnected. Everyone was so disconnected in the core group. So it feels like it used to feel again which is really exciting.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead gets going on Sunday, October 22nd with the extended “Mercy.” It’ll be followed by “The Damned” and “Monsters,” two episodes directed by Rosemary Rodriguez and Greg Nicotero, respectively.